Guitars, guitars, guitars

A confused young Steve, in the key of C.

My first electric guitar was a Les Paul ripoff when I was 10. It was black, weighed 9,000 pounds and cut in and out when it was plugged into the little amp.

Next I had a Lado Hawk – total metal guitar. Had a huge whammy bar, and the strings had locks on them so they wouldn’t go out of tune when you whammied the shit out of the thing.

Only recently have I bought anything decent – a real Les Paul and a Telecaster.

But Trevor. Trevor owns about 15 guitars, and a handful of basses (including an upright). I get to play them all, and sometimes even borrow them. Which is weird, considering we’ve known of each other for at least two decades but have only really become  friends in the last two years or so.

We went to the same high school. We played in bands at the same time on the same scene. We worked at the same newspaper, in different departments. We played together in hockey tournaments. But we never really said much more than “hey, yeah, um.”

But Facebook changes everything, because you find out that people you know marginally well are worth getting to know better. And sometimes, the person you get to know has cool stuff to borrow.

Here are his five favourites, in his own words. At least two of them have appeared on Snipes recordings.


Trevor's Top 5

Late 80s Kramer Ferrington: Got it on eBay when eBay was still pretty new. Great little carry around guitar because it’s small and plays like an electric, but truthfully sounds mediocre as an acoustic.

Early 90s fretless bass: Built this body myself, ebayed the neck and the wood. Bought epoxy at Canadian Tire to put on the fretboard to make it sound like Jaco Pastorius. No word of a lie, they were playing Jaco Pastorius in the store as I was waiting to pay.


1971 Les Paul Custom: Bought new at Steve’s Music Montreal by Myles Goodwin of April Wine. He sold it to a friend in 2004. I coveted it until 2009 when I finally got a chance to buy. Did not say no.

2004 Martin D-28:
This is a guitar without an exciting backstory, but it is such a quality instrument it just feels good to hold. I should reinvent myself as one of those guys that can entertain with just a guitar and a story. Got the guitar, need the stories.

1981 Rickenbacker 4003 bass: This is my third arm. Most of the fun places music has taken me, I brought this bass along. Such a unique sound, you have to love it because you can’t hide the sound in the mix. Goes with me to the grave. The stickers on the case tell some of the story.




One response to “Guitars, guitars, guitars

  1. Trev has a way with words… I’m pretty sure he’ll get some stories together for the guitars.

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