Get fit, dough boy

See Jane run.

I met Jane when working on a story about her fitness business. I wrote that she was exhausting to speak to, and kind of left it at that. A few years later, talking to her again, she brought it up and I’ve felt a little guilty ever since.

So I’m not going to mention that this time.  Instead, we talked about exercise, since she’s a personal trainer. Here are a few questions, followed a list of five ways to be less doughie.

When did you become fitness crazy?
When I was 15. I was never co-ordinated or athletic then I found 80s aerobics and got addicted to the high it gave me. Helped me through living in a fucked up family.

Were you ever fat?
Never. Even when I was preggers I looked hot. (ed note: this was said jokingly)

What’s the easiest way for someone to feel better about themselves?
Sweat. The endorphins change your filter.

What’s the worst way to lose weight?
Fasting. It’ll make you gain more after.

Stupid fitness fad ever?
Pole dancing. I gag in my mouth when I think about upper middle class white chicks thinking they are empowering themselves…uh hello. Most chicks who pole dance do it because it’s better than hooking not to mention to support a drug habit.

Five tips, from her blog: For those of you thinking about summer arms and tanks, it’s time to forget about bicep curls and tricep kick backs and start thinking about doing things right. Using big movements that challenge the whole body will help burn fat all over your body and fix your metabolism. Don’t waist your time isolating little muscles (unless you’re rehabing and doing your housekeeping exercises of course.) When I say metabolic exercises I mean something that gets our whole body involved, shoots your heart rate up and recruits as many muscle fibres as possible. Here’s some pics. You could pretty much kick your own arss and get your whole body knackered within 30 minutes by doing a few sets of these suckers. Here’s a few pics to accompany some of them. You can also use any metabolic type exercise for a killer Tabata set.


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