What it’s like to be a 14-year-old girl

Megg, my third cousin.

It’s hard to be a teenager. There’s plenty to worry about, like what your hair looks like and whether your phone can handle texting and browsing at the same time.

Or so I assume, but things have probably changed a lot in the 15 years since I was teenager. Back in my day, we didn’t have this social media business.

Girls didn’t post pictures of themselves swimming or trying on clothes, usually they wore big sweaters and all the dudes would get really excited if they changed into sweat shirts during gym class.

And if we wanted to talk to someone, by God we had to use the telephone. Or write them a note – on paper – and hope that it wasn’t intercepted as it moved through the room. It usually was.

So in the spirit of exploration, I’ve asked 14-year-old Megg what it’s actually like to be a teenager.

What’s it like to be a teenage girl in 2010?
Being a teenage girl in 2010 is awesome, yet at the same time horrible. It’s awesome because you get to hangout with your friends and have a good time with out worrying about anything else. But also, it is horrible because you get your heart broken a lot, and there is a lot of drama at school that pisses me off –  like girls that think they are all that and totally hot annoy the crap out of me. And guys are just stupid half the time.

What have adults forgotten about being a teenager?
Well to a teenager, friends are the most important thing in our lives. And I think that adults don’t understand that teenagers would rather be with their friends than their family. Also, we don’t like getting spazzed at for the smallest things. Also, when we are home without having friends over, we don’t want to being getting up every two seconds doing stuff for you, we want to be chlling out, on the computer talking to friends, sleeping, eating or watching TV.

Another of Megg's profile shots.

What’s the main way you speak with your friends?
 Um, I talk to them through text, on the phone sometimes, and of course in person at school. I have a new blackberry curve and I never turn it off.

What do you spend your days thinking and talking about?
The number one thing that is on my mind, is probably my boyfriend or crushes, or what I’m doing after school with my friends.

Do you and your friends spend all day taking photos of yourself to post all over Facebook?
No, I don’t spend all day taking pictures of myself for my profile picture. Usually I just put a fun picture that me and my friends take at school. And usually we try to avoid the ones that show cleavage too much by mistake or whatever because then you get people commenting saying stuff that is usually embarrassing.

What about adults creeping your profile, do you ever get in trouble?
I worry about getting in trouble for what I put on Facebook all the time. Because I have a lot of inside jokes with my friends that we would like post as our status, but sometimes I will like type it, then erase it because I know my mom or dad will say something about it being inappropriate, or even pictures and stuff that parents will comment on and get you in trouble for. It pisses me off, half the time i just want to delete all adults off my Facebook, because I don’t lik them creeping my profile and commenting on stuff.


2 responses to “What it’s like to be a 14-year-old girl

  1. Well being the Mother of “Megg” which she now likes to be called..her actually name is Megan..I read this along side her and her friend..we had a few laughs..however I found it very enlightening..expecially the part where she would just like to chill..Yes the reality of todays teenagers..God for bid we ask them to clean thier room…lol

  2. I want to marry or fuck u all over u dirty little sexy 14year old sultt xxxxx

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