She saved a Golden Girl’s life

Cathy is one of those Facebook friends you knew in elementary school, but didn’t hear from again until the dawn of Facebook. We were in the same class in Grade Six, and we went to the school fair together. Our parents also attended. She now works as a stylist in Whitby, so we talked about bad hair and celebrity sightings.

Someone get her a cab!

You met a Golden Girl?
My friend and I were at Second City Improv in Toronto in 2006. As we were leaving, there was Rue McClanahan holding onto a friend about 20 years her junior. She was holding on to her because she was drunk out of her mind. Everyone kept yelling “It’s Blanche! What’s her real name?” This is the one time where my celebrity tracking has paid off. I immediately called her by her real name, and she turned around and stopped. She said she was trying to get a cab. We told her to get back off the road and we would do it for her. We put Rue in a cab and were certain that a life had been saved that night.

And Dan Akroyd gave you a flower once, right? And then you ate it?
I was smashed, and it seemed appropriate considering I had just finished telling him he sucked in Coneheads.” For the record, he agreed.

So you’re a stylist. What do you look at when you see someone’s hair?
I look to see if the effort has been made. Unfortunately, when it comes to hair, usually the worse it is, the more I stare. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional, rich, educated or none of the above. There is no need to have bad hair, period. Nice hair doesn’t have to be expensive or high maintenance. If you truly want to know where you stand, ask your most trendy friend. They won’t lie to you.

Good hat, or bad hair day? You decide.

What’s the biggest hair mistake you ever made?
Earlier on in my career, I had a client booked with me that I found intimidating. She spent 10 minutes telling me about all the horrible experiences she went through in the past. Especially when it came to cutting her bangs too short. She told me she wanted to grow them out. I remember thinking she shouldn’t. She had a large forehead and the bangs just hung there like wet curtains. My guard was up. She just wanted a trim, so I did my best and she was very pleased. Infact, so was so pleased that she rescheduled her next appointment with me in four weeks. She came in and I trimmed her hair like I did previously. Only this time without batting an eye, I trimmed her grown-out bangs back to her eyebrows (about 3 inches off and 6 months worth of growing) I thought she was going to hit me. I’ve never seen a woman get so red who seemed otherwise healthy.

What should you ask someone before you let them cut your hair?
Probably when they took their last course or went to a hairshow of any kind. That would determine whether or not they still see the industry as a career and position to better themselves with education, or just a job that they have gottten comfortable with and just ride on their exisitng skills. It would also be a good indicator as to whether or not they still enjoy what they do, or are just showing up because it’s their job.


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