Mexico: Strippers, tequila and business development

Sheenah - possibly in Mexico.

 You hear a lot about Canadian jobs going to Mexico. Or at least you used to, before all the jobs started going to China.

Anyway, my pal Sheenah (I recently spent a very strange few days in the mountains with her) was down there last week trying to steal some jobs from the Mexicans for a change.

That’s probably a little too strong and maybe wildly inaccurate, but you can do things like that on a blog.

Here’s what she’s actually doing down there:

Why are you in Mexico City?
Business development. And that’s all I’m allowed to say. 

What kind of business could you possibly drum up there? It’s all a scam right? Are you running drugs?
Steve, my drug export business was supposed to remain confidential. My PR cover-up is now blown – thanks a lot.
In all seriousness, Mexico is a huge market for me. Seeing as I specialize in penetrating the Canadian market on behalf of resorts/real estate developments in external markets, Mexico is number one on my prospect list.
Canadians love Mexico as it is easily accessible, good value and of course, a far cry from the tundra we reside in. Adding to the fact that Mexico’s primary tourist market, the U.S, is still a sinking ship, many businesses are refocusing on their amigo, Canada.
I love Mexico because here, doing business as a foreigner earns you respect because you are bringing something new to the table and business is based on the relationship first. If you are not part of the “family” you will never work with them, but once you are in, you are in. It’s incredibly difficult to do business as a foreigner in Mexico unless you have the connections and making the connections take time, a lot of sofa time and sometimes lots of drinks, and sometimes strippers. So I hear. 

Mexico City - not that stinky.

Is Mexico City as huge, scary and stinky as I think it is?
Huge: words cannot describe.
Stinky: Asia is worse.  
Scary: depends on how much tequila you’ve had and with whom. But the whole thing about getting kidnapped and not being able to breathe because of the smog, the lazy people, etc, is so bogus, it actually pisses me off. Yes, you will get kidnapped if you flash around bling P Diddy-style while walking the streets. The city is not smoggy at all and it was pointed out to me (literally) that in order to help control pollution, every car has a sticker on it noting when it cannot drive. I.e. Wednesday’s and Sunday’s are off limits to go grocery shopping.
Mexico City is amazing. It is a major clash of the very rich and the very poor that creates this urban messiness that is far more interesting than most places in Canada and the U.S, even some places in Europe that are so contrived. I mean, if there was a delegated building spray-painted with broken concrete sidewalks, Canadians would avoid that street at all cost. Yet in Mexico City, one minute you are in a trendy Cantina and the next minute you are walking past a taco stand held up with tarps.
Living is about the clashing of people and ideas and backgrounds and I love that about Mexico City. Mexico is actually one on of the fastest growing economies in the world and is going through this transition of from being a third world to first world. I was in the richest area of Mexico City this afternoon where body guards are standing outside cafes watching their clients, Cartier is a block away, and there’s a random Mexican man hauling steel in his mangled bicycle cart.
I do suppose that the most threatening characteristic to Mexico City is still the corruption, but it’s taking steps to handle that. I can’t pay the waiter to smoke in the non-smoking zone now. 

A soccer ball.

The world cup is going on. Do the Mexicans wake up long enough to watch a match, or is it all siesta, all the time?
The city is football nuts. Every billboard features Mexican football players. It’s funny I didn’t realize Bimbo and Visa had such brand synergies? There are TVs put in every bar and restaurant, hotel and any establishment where people gather. The main cultural square in front of the Presidential Palace was shut down for World Cup. It was wild…it was a stadium with a giant big screen and beer gardens. I saw a Mexico football jersey made for a dog. 

Have you ever seen the Three Amigos? What’s your favourite part. If not, tell me the funniest thing you’ve seen while in Mexico, and I’ll tell you MY favourite scene from Three Amigos.
Surprisingly and embarrassingly never saw the Three Amigos. I actually just sat beside Bob Saget with what i assume to be an 18-year-old in Cabo, which I thought was pretty funny. 


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