Death and Facebook

Great story in the Sunday Times about Facebook and death. More old people are joining, and their friends often die. And then a few months of inactivity later, Facebook starts recommending to the users that are still alive that they should get back in touch with their now dead friends. Awkward.

“It’s a very sensitive topic,” said Meredith Chin, a company spokeswoman, “and, of course, seeing deceased friends pop up can be painful.” Given the site’s size, “and people passing away every day, we’re never going to be perfect at catching it,” she added.

So what do you do? Do you leave instructions in your will? Give your husband or wife your password in case you get hit by a truck? Maybe accounts could  time out after a month of inactivity, but the whole reason Facebook recommends people is because their accounts have been inactive and they want them back.

Creepy stuff. Maybe you should just catch up on what you’ve missed on Human Facebook instead of dwelling on death. It’s not healthy.


One response to “Death and Facebook

  1. I experienced this. A girl I went to high school with who I wasn’t Facebook friends with but it suggested I befriend her, and something like a week after she died. Of course, I learned of her death on the Facebook newsfeed, so, it’s all pretty weird.

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